Moving Day

Four years ago, I moved up to Columbus from Atlanta, GA, for 3 reasons. Life is about living and learning. Fast forward to the present day, I am moving into a loft that I have always wanted. It took as smooth 10 years of bumping my heads, failing forward, and lessons learned to get here.

This new spot represents a new chapter in my life, as I embark on the new year. I am not a big holiday person, but lets just say that this is the gift to myself for all of my hardwork these past two years.

HIGHend Dining

Do what you love. That is the bottom line. My exposure to the recreational cannibus industry was about this time last year. Up until that point, I had to secure my cannibus by way of the “local”  pharmacist.

Since the legalization of marijuana in a few states more people have started to take into account the social aspect of the cannibus industry. My friend Chef Nikki has created an event called the High End Affair that offers a select group of attendees a 7-Course cannibus infused meal. What started out has a simple dinner has grown into a culture overnight. We are striving to raise the bar and perception of CBD and THC infused products. 

Podcasting is Therapeutic

When I first started doing these podcast, like most I had no idea what I was doing. I mean I knew the point I was trying to make but I didn’t have a structure. Here we are a year later and I am on Season 2 getting to sit down and talk with some amazing minority entrepreneurs doing dope things. I’m very excited about this episode with Richie Pope.  

I’m Can’t Believe I’m in Colorado

One of my clients manufacturing partners are based in Colorado. So I had the opportunity to go and visit as well as gather footage for the documentary that I am shooting. This was my first time going to Colorado and being able to hike in the mountains. I spent about 2.5 days in total and still didn’t do half of all of the activities offered. Luckily my client is relocating their company to Denver, so I will be making frequent trips! One of the big highlights was the Vegan Chicken and Waffles: Carrot Bacon, Beer Battered Waffles, Maple Whiskey Syrup, Fried Cauliflower.

Airfare: $350

Lodging: $200

Let the travels begin!

I went to Portland, OR for the first time to visit my friend Mat Randol for his album release party. I was only in PDX for 12 hours, before having to fly out to Phoenix. This trip was pretty epic but I was extremely tired afterwards. I encouraged everyone to make sure when you aren’t travelling to have a balanced diet and sleep schedule. This trip cost me a total of $750 to include the plane tickets and Airbnb.